#002 – The Creator

The creator of this universe fluxes in and out of power over an 8000 year cycle. As its powers grow weak it take on human form, as it’s power returns so does its ability to intervein with godly powers. The year is now and the creator is..



“Being the creator is not easy. Think about it. The universe has a lot of stuff, and creating it all takes time and dedication. Do you think things just came to be and evolved to the point for the human race to be able to colonize other planets and be in multiple places in the universe, safeguarding the existence when the resources run out? No, that was all me, man! And no one appreciates it. People just dump stuff in the oceans and call it a day. They kill the dolphin’s man, one of my proudest creations, by the way, and for what? Pieces of currency? Bytes on a server that tells people that you’re better than them?”

“Look, buddy,” the bartender says, slightly annoyed, “you’ve been yammering all of that stuff over and over, but I don’t know what to tell you. Do you belong to some kind of strange church or something?”

“No man, I AM the creator,” trying to be as convincing as possible. Well, as possible with dirty clothing, long scruffy beard, and a hat that has seen better days could transmit.

The bartender gives up and server another drink.

“This one’s on the house, but after that, you’re done. You’re scaring off the customers and pissing off some more with all your nonsense about being the creator. People are proper religious here, and you can get into serious trouble if you keep your nonsense going.”

“But it’s the truth,” Dam cycles, if I had my power, I would show everyone my real power. But again, if I had all my powers I wouldn’t be a human. The first time I became one, they were quite different. People believed in a living deity, and if you told them the truth, people believed them. Now, if you say something, they will assume you’re crazy and want to punch you or take to, what they call, an hospital. I had a better name for it, but sure let them have free will and name things stupidly.

I walk out and feel the warm night. It’s peak summer and nights are relatively warm but enjoyable, or as enjoyable they can be. I think this stuff they give you is excellent.

The bartender runs outside and shouts. “Hey man, you need to pay.”

Ah yes, the exchange of currency. Another stupid thing. I gave these people everything, and they still use simple ways of exchanging values between themselves.

“Here you go,” while I toss a piece of metal to his hand.

“Is this….. gold!??!”

“Yeah, is it enough?” I ask, still pissed off about the dolphins.

“You could buy the whole bar with this. Where did you get it?”.

I notice the bartender starting to get uncomfortable. I should explain why? For a while, at least on earth, gold as a way of exchanging value between people. Then people started storing it, and it became a commodity with standard prices. All until people found that gold was the essential part to build interstellar engines – they have a stupid name for those, but I can’t even remember it anymore. I think it’s something with a 4 in it. Anyway, gold started to become rarer and rarer since more and more ships went to colonize other planets. Some people haven’t even seen gold for their whole life, so you can now understand the stupid bartender’s face when I tossed, the equivalent of, well a lot.

“I told you, man. I am the creator, so I created it to give it to you”.

“Sure, man, but can I keep this? It’s a lot more than a few drinks”.

“Yeah, of course, it’s no use to me, so keep it.”

The bartender walks in and shouts, “Hey Lou, I quit! See yaaaa!”, and I see him running down the street like death is chasing him. It’s not, by the way, Death was busy elsewhere, but that’s not important for now.

So let’s try to get my powers back. Last time what did I do? I just waited, and stuff happened, I guess. It was a tedious endeavor the previous time. These guys were not doing a lot, so I needed to give them a push. They didn’t even know how to communicate without talking, so I taught them how to write stuff. That was fun! Should not have done it, though.

Wait a minute. I just created gold from nothing. My powers are coming back. About time! I need to be elsewhere making stuff. Ok, let’s try that again. Take it slow. Last time you dropped the temperature of the whole planet, and it was a mess.

I can try to fly. No, that would make people uncomfortable. I still don’t know how they can’t do it. It’s quite simple actually and I gave them all they need to do it.

I’ll just try to teleport my ass out of here. I’ve been here long enough. Ok, focus. You can do it. Close your eyes and focus. Pick a superior planet to go. The one that’s all red and the natives believe that God is the Enterprise. I need to show them it’s not. I open my eyes and……. nothing.


Well, I guess I can keep on going to the next city and wait until it comes back to me. It can take some time.

And as I’m daydreaming on a straight road, I notice something strange. I’m not moving forward, and I’m not on the road anymore. I’m at home, with my proper clothing and my stuff.

Awesome. My powers are back, and this time nothing wrong happened. I think.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, where the jump occurred, something else happened. And it was not pleasant at all for everyone that were around.



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