#006 The Devil

The devil points at you, one of the many new arrivals, “how many times do I have to tell you, I’m not letting you in!”


“You what? Why?” I’m confused. It looks like hell, and it seems like the Devil, but not letting me in is another mind f**** altogether? Could I be a decent person that deserver to be in heaven and be amongst angels?

“You’re not an angel, and you don’t belong in heaven,” said the Devil.

“But I…”

“You tell that to me all the time. It’s the first time you though it and didn’t say anything,”

“Ok, so where should I go then?”

It’s super annoying that when we send them back, they always forget everything.

“You should do what I always tell you to do. Go back and finish what you’ve started. That’s it. Then you can come in and enjoy hell for all it’s worth.”

“But how do I do that? What am I supposed to do?”

“I’m tired of explaining it, so I’m sending you back you figure it out.”

I wake up in a hospital bed with tubes in places that I didn’t know people could put them. I’m guessing I’m not going anywhere soon. But what happened? Where am I, and why am I in such rough shape. I look around and see a chair next to my bed, a TV in front of me. The TV is quiet, and I can see someone cooking something. Why the hell would…. Wait, I should not say, “Hell.” Why shouldn’t I say, “Hell?” Anyway, the cooking show looks dull, so I’m glad there’s no sound. I wouldn’t be able to disable it. Did I mention that both my arms are broken? No, well, they are quite broken, and I’m also guessing that the IV that is right next to me is providing me with some drugs that dull the pain.

“Welcome back, Mr. President.”

I look and see a nurse entering the room with a spotless white uniform.

“What happened?” My voice is raspy; it hurts to talk.

“You’ve been away for some time now; you got us worried. Don’t try to speak because your vocal cords are atrophied with the lack of use. We’ll help you with that once you get better. Now, please rest and heal, and all will be explained”. And with this, the nurse left.

While she’s leaving the room, I notice something strange. The nurse in all appearances looks like a nurse, but she’s wearing high heels. There’s no way a real nurse would use them all day; otherwise, she would have blisters in the first hour of work. So if she’s not a real nurse, then I’m not in a real hospital. So, where am I?

Days pass, and people come and go checking vital signs and asking me how I feel. All of them are quite efficient and don’t allow me the time to ask questions. In and out with military precision. I still don’t know where I am, but I’m healing, and the tubes are going away progressively. Physiotherapy is painful since I spent so much time in my bed, but I manage to walk and usually talk.

I finally feel good enough to stand, so I go out of the room, and everything is different. The room’s decoration makes it like a hospital, but the corridor is super narrow, too narrow to be a building. I continue and don’t see anyone. I climb some stairs and see that I’m on a ship—ocean from side to side and nothing to see.

“Feeling better, sir?”. A tall with broad shoulders and a uniform asks me.

“Yes, much better. I can walk now. Where are we?”

“Middle of the ocean, sir.”

“I can see that, but where? Are we close to Europe?”

He looks uncomfortable. I think I asked the right question, but probably won’t like to know the answer.

“Sir, we’re on our way to some of the high points where people still live. We’re navigating now where Holland used to be. So in a way, yes, we’re close to Europe.”

“What, Holland, is submerged?”

“Yes, as most of the world, sir. Don’t you remember the war? The damage that they done to the ice caps and melted in a second, flooding a lot of places. We struck first luckily, and we managed to survive, but our enemies were not so lucky. We’re on our way, by your direct command, to destroy the few left.”

“Does this mean that there’s no more land?”

“A few here and there, but the world is mostly water now. We can survive onboard ships like these because of your orders to prepare for something like this.”

“I see. How did I get hurt?”

“There was an attempt to murder you inside the ship. One of the radicals managed to infiltrate our organization and almost did it. It’s a miracle that you’re still alive. We’ll be there soon, do you want to watch over at the bridge?”

“Yes.” At least this would give me a chance to understand what’s going on and how it works. The bridge is a fantastic group of people and technology working efficiently.

“T minus 5 minutes, sir. We can proceed when you’re ready.”

“When I’m ready for what?”

“To give the order to fire, sir.” All exchange glances, but no one dared to say anything.

“Yes, of course. Proceed”

The destruction of the island that was visible in the radars was swift and efficient. There was no more land.

“Mission accomplished, sir. Our society is now the only one on Earth.”


A massive explosion hits the ship, and there is red everywhere in the control room. People start to scream, but there’s no use: the commands are not working and we’re all doomed.


Another blast and the whole ship rocks. Water goes in quickly and people are running to try to keep things controlled.


The ship starts to go down quickly with all these explosions that are happening. Too fast to get to the escape boats.

“They must have deployed mines all over the ocean, but how is it possible that we missed them.”


The last explosion blew-up the ship like a formidable mushroom cloud. Everyone dead, and the last of humanity is now destroyed.”

“Well done, my boy,” said the devil. “It’s about time you killed all the humans. I was getting tired of waiting for them to die of old age. Your strategy was much more efficient. More souls collected and more power to me since all of them deserve to be here anyway“.

“I did what?”

“Oh yeah, I always forget, memory. Here you go.” The devil snaps his fingers and I remember everything! The war on humanity, the dead people, and my mission to destroy all of them. It was me who put the mines in strategic places, and crafting a course would go through them once we destroyed the last island. All worked out perfectly.

The Devil spoke again, but this time with some mischief (the usual) in his voice.

“You can get in if you want.”, he finally says. “But if you want another adventure, I have another place that would be good for collecting more souls because religion is not there. Want another mission?”

“Yes, master, just point the way.”



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