#001 – Dragons are real

As such, humanity bred them for war for generations, however through the technological advance of the 19th and 20th century, they have become a real superweapon capable of destroying whole cities. But unlike Atom bombs, dragons can’t be controled by a red button.



For all of you who think you’re in charge because you have dragons, you’re entirely mistaken. The Word is that we’re breeding them for generations and that we are now able to control them, but again, you’d be wrong in assuming that.

Dragons are incredibly smart and, although they don’t speak your language or speak anything for that matter, they can indeed communicate with each other and understand what you’re talking about. That’s part of being smart. They will never say or react to something you say, but collective knowledge between them is as advanced or more even than the one that we have ourselves.

If you’re in the business of taking care of them, you’re only doing them a favor. Dragons are not at the bottom of the food chain, but they still require to keep their eggs safe, and younglings feed and trained. Again, people think they are preparing the little dragons to do or become something they want, but the elders teach them much more than you could ever do, and they do it without any particular form of communication. It is like they would understand what each of them should do as if it was something organic or genetic.

Countries with the most dragons would be safer since that’s how things are done now since the abolishing of nuclear weapons and energy. Everyone still isn’t sure how humanity achieved that, and there are only a few reminders of that age around the world that will keep on reminding us of the dangers of nuclear power for many years to come. Degradation of toxic waste is in thousands of years, so no hope of having a place nuclear-free soon.

“Welcome to the 20th century”, claimed the excited young reporter responsible for covering that critical milestone. She was not happy to be working on the most ordinary day of the year and would like to have some fun with their friends, but that’s how you have your face on TV, especially on a day that a lot of people are watching it.

She’s cold, but with a nice jacket that is keeping her from freezing, but looking at her face, you would never think that she’s in complete agony. It would not be “professional” of her.

“Let’s take a look at the celebrations all over the world” and a montage of different timezones in iconic locations bathed in fireworks since every country would save money on fireworks and overall celebrations. We’ll enter a new era, one that everyone will talk and remember for years to come, but for now, it’s time to celebrate.

“Where are you? If you’re listening, don’t forget to use the hashtag…” more time filling and more ads circulating the screen. Ads were worth by the millions per second since a lot would see them of people. She was tired of filling time knowing full well that the people that are at home looking at the TV would not be the target audience for hashtags or stuff like that. Nevertheless, there was a script, and she had to follow it. No improvisation, just follow what the nice man on the earpiece is telling you to say or do.

“And it looks like our Dragons are joining the celebration.” Wait for what?! They are not supposed to fly around. They are weapons to be used against our enemies and not something to showcase like the barbaric times of yore where there were military parades was the norm.

The voice on the other side was quiet. What do I say now? She was not used to deviating from the script. But this wasn’t normal, and she was in the center of it, so it was her chance to shine.

“Point the camera at them,” she shouted to the cameraman that was high as hell and not particularly happy to be doing his job either. “As you can see, Dragons are flying around our celebrations,” are they ours or someone else’s? Usually, we can tell by their colors, but will all the fireworks and being midnight (a little over now), I can’t figure it out. Wait, why am I thinking this. Talk girl!

“We’re trying to understand if they are ours or not, but we can’t figure them out with all the beautiful lights, this year sponsored by….”. She didn’t finish the sentence. The Dragons started spitting fire into the crowd, and everyone was burning. What a horrible sight, she thought. To see people running away and being slaughtered by them like this. No provocation, nothing.

She did what everyone did. She ran, and the cameraman ran after her, still rolling god knows why. I’m guessing they were both in the mission of documenting what was happening.

“Oh my God, it’s horrible! They are killing everyone, but why?!?!”. There were screams, and then there was silence. One of the Dragons landed right in front of her. She stopped and admired that amazing creature and noticed that they were our own, but why are they doing this?

Say something. Anything! “Hi, I know you can’t talk, but please stop what you’re doing.”

“We can talk,” said the Dragon. “We just choose not to.” It paralyzed the reporter. She couldn’t move, talk, or do anything with those words and powerful voice. She could only see the massive beast in front of her and stare.

“If you’re wondering, this is happening all around the world. Call it what you will, but humans have served their purpose, and now it’s time for them to disappear, most of you anyway. Don’t worry, it will end all very soon, but it won’t be painless. We are not weapons and are not controllable by mere humans. Did you think you could control us?”

She continued petrified, and the cameraman still pointing the camera at him. He did it without even questioning why he was doing it.

“Oh, and before I forget. If you think your military will come and rescue you, think again. They were our first target. The year of the Dragon starts today!!”



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