#007 – The kid with the black eyes

Every power people have is determined by eye color. When you go to school one day, you see a new kid, and his eyes, well, they’re entirely black.


Why is everyone looking at me? I know it’s because of the color of my eyes but it’s getting on my nerves.

“What are you looking at!!!” I say, giving the poor kid that crosses my path.

I should start at the beginning. I’m not from here. I moved recently because my parents wanted a different life for me. It’s not easy to be in a community where everyone is the same caste.

Oh, you don’t know what caste is. The color of your eyes determines caste. If your eyes are blue, for example, you can control water. The caste, called the frozen, are sailors and mainly keep in the high seas traveling from place to place exchanging goods. Everyone likes them because they bring new things from far away lands, but they are outstanding negotiators and intensely focused, hence the “frozen” nickname.

Before this system was in place, all was chaos. Mostly since no one understood that their powers came from the color of the eyes and not from something else, each person though that they had a God-given talent and that they were unique. But when people started clustering and clashing, it was necessary to agree for everyone, well, not to kill themselves.

I like the green-eyed kids. They are peaceful since their power comes from nature, that they respect and keep, making them the most peaceful caste. That’s not to say that they are innocent and can’t defend themselves. Try going near them, threatening them, and you’ll not have a good time. Remember, nature is everywhere, and having a good splash on nature in your face in the form of bugs is not pleasant at all.

My caste is different. Mostly because no one knew we existed. It’s not every day that you see a person with black eyes. Not dark brown or variations of that color. Completely black. The reaction when we got into town was not the best, but since the city has a strict policy of no power-wielding inside its borders, everyone can get along. Police are rigorous, and they can make use of their powers all they want, so don’t mess with them. They only interact when it’s necessary, but when it’s required, things quiet down fast.

Where was I? Oh, yes, my caste. When I said “community,” I was nice. We’re only a few in numbers, and worse of all, we don’t know our powers are. That’s why we decided to come to a place where we would be protected. By we, I mean the whole community of my parents, uncle, two sisters, and an ancient green eyed guy that found us and decided to stick with us. He convinced us to leave our place and come here.

It’s been a month that I’m attending school, and people keep on staring. After a week, things would calm down, and people would get used to it, but no. Here’s the freak.

“Come on, kids, settle down. Let’s boot those computers and start the class”.

Computer class. I like computers a lot since I lived in a place that had none. It was kind of funny when they told me I was touching a mouse, and I told them they are quite tasty. I got a few shocked looks, but I found it funny. People expect anything from me.

After the day is over, the brown-eyed kids have the “tradition” of coming to me and insulting me. They have a caste and power as everyone else, but I think their energy is being dumb as rocks. And I’m saying rocks, but you know what I mean.

As I walk home, I hear.

“Hey, freak. You with the black eyes”

They arrive right on time. They say the same every day.

“Going to tell us your power today?”


They know we don’t know what our power is, so this question is to piss me off.

“We want to know your power. It’s not as cool as ours for sure, but I’m curious anyway”.

They form a circle around me. There a lot more than usual. Usually, the beatings are only 3 or 4, but today I think it will be worse. There aren’t any adults around since they catch me on my way home. There’s no escape, so I need to come here every day. The police warned them, but they don’t do anything to them because they are not using any power: just their fists and their monkey brains.

“Come on, tell us.” Gary is the worse of them, and he shoves me.

Festivities are about to start.

“Hey Gary, I’m getting sick and tired of you.”

“Oh, he speaks,” and he shoves me again.

I have to say that I’m starting to get pissed off at these stupid creatures.

“I’m starting to get tired of you, Gary and all your monkey friends.”

As to prove my point, I listen to grunts from the others while Gary inflates to become even more prominent, and I swear that I see him pounding his chest. Or maybe not, but that would be amazing!

Gary hits me in the face, and this time I get pissed off with that punch. Immensely pissed off. Enough is enough.


I can’t describe what happened after. Who am I kidding? Of course, I can tell exactly what happened. A dark as night portal opened, and a creature came out and grabbed him. He screamed this time like a little bitch, but he was not having a good time. The beast dragged him to the portal, and the portal disappeared with poor Gary.

I didn’t have time to say anything because his friends were running. I continue to walk home, and I think about something. The police have sensors that detect when people use their powers.

I’m screwed. I pass a police car and….

Nothing. The police car passes by me, and they ignore me.

Why? I used my power. I found it! FINALLY! Why hasn’t the police detected it? And then it comes to me. They had years together to develop the sensors to find the people who use them. They don’t know our power, so they can’t detect it.

I run home and find everyone already at the dinner table, talking to each other.

“Hey, everyone, you’ll never guess what I learned today at school!”


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